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Addiction to the game: How to recognize addiction at casino games

L’Addiction to the game is a serious problem that affects many of Australian casino players. For most online players, online and earthly casino games remain an interesting hobby and good way to entertain while trying to earn some money.

Like drug addiction, addiction to games of chance is dangerous for the health and life of a person. The game is an essential activity for humans. It brings pleasure and offers a good way to relax. Unfortunately, some players develop an addiction to casino games that upset their lives. This concern empires a lot when the player starts the game online because it is easier to hide his problem.

As a casino player, it is important that you stay attentive to your game. Remember that the game can be pathological. Nevertheless, there are several ways to prevent or remedy this dependence. We wrote this page to advise you and help you avoid the dangers of the game of chance.

How is the addiction to the games

There are some factors that can increase the chances of developing dependence on casino games. According to scientists, the game activates the centers of pleasure of the brain and releases hormones such as dopamine. This excites the reward circuit, a primary operation of the brain. That's why it's really good to play and especially to win.

For land casino players, the gaming environment contributes to this dependence. The real casinos offer an atmosphere and an excitement that locate you in a world devoid of time. This can lead to long game sessions. In addition, the sound of machines suggests that it is very easy to win.

On the other hand, the online game also has risks. For example, a virtual casino player can feel comfortable in the most complete anonymity at home. Which can increase his playing time.

How to recognize a dependency at casino games

According to experts, addiction to betting games is very similar to other impulse control disorders. This means that an increase in betting games can no longer be controlled, even if it is aware of the negative consequences of these actions.

There are different types of addiction to the game, some more severe than others. But all these problems are threats to the life of the affected player. There are also studies that suggest that addiction to the game affects women and men differently. You will find below the 3 main types of addiction at the Games:

Compulsive game

This type of addiction to the game is perhaps the most dangerous. That's when a player can not check everything when playing. When this player is in N casino, he puts without stopping and without thinking of the consequences. For this player, the most important thing is the game. Even if it bet the money reserved for rent, races or even at the tuition fees of his children. While knowing that his game affects him and his family, he does it anyway.

Binge Gambling

The "binge gamblers" are not considered precisely as compulsive players, but they have some similarities. This type of player lacks cold blood and bet the money planned for important things like the real estate loan repayment. The big difference is that a "binge gambler" practices the compulsive game at certain times of his life and not all the time like a compulsive player. This gives the impression that this player can be controlled but in reality, when he starts again, he becomes a compulsive player.

Problematic game

Although any player who has a form of dependency has to look for help, problem players have the least extreme symptoms. However, this type of game can also threaten the player's financial security. These players normally lie to his families to continue the game in secret. If this person does not find help when it is on this level of dependency, he can get worse gradually.

Symptoms of addiction to silver games

We list below the common symptoms and signs of a problematic game. They are :

  • The player becomes agitated when he can not go to the casino
  • He plays to cover his losses
  • He visits the casino to escape the problems of his life
  • This player lies with his friends and family when visiting the casino or plays online
  • This person try to stop but can not do it
  • More than it bets, the more it becomes overexcity

How to get out of the addiction to the games

The first step to heal your dependence on the game is to admit that you have a problem. It's not easy, especially if your addiction has tainted your relationships with your friends and family. But it is possible to find help. Here are some steps to get out of the addiction to the game:

  • Find other ways to calm your emotions: If you bet because of stress, it is advisable to look for other means of entertaining, such as sport.
  • Therapy: You can cure addiction to the game with psychological help.
  • Pay attention to your mental health: other mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety can contribute to the dependence on the game. If you raise them, it can help avoid addiction.

If you or any of your dear properties have these symptoms, know that there are several non-profit organizations dedicated to the supply of assistance for addicts to the game. Contact them for immediate help:

  • SOS Addiction: +33 6 01 43 31 94
  • Arjel: 99-101 Rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris, Australia - +33 1 57 13 13 00
  • SOS Players : +33 9 69 39 55 12
  • Addict help: Visit the site
  • Adictel: +33 8 05 02 00 00

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