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Variant you bingo

Do you know that there are many variants of online bingo? Bingo is a very popular lottery game around the world. We see it represented in movies and series where it is often played by older women. This gives you an idea of the simplicity of this game. This is the main advantage of bingo - it is very accessible to all.

Nevertheless, the bingo has evolved a lot over the years. Today, it is a captivating casino game that attracts players of all ages. Moreover, it comes in many entertaining variants that you can play on the Online gaming sites.

Enjoy bingo variants

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30-ball bingo

For players who want to enjoy some of this game clearance, the 30-ball bingo is very recommended. In English-speaking countries it is named "Speed Bingo". The draw at this variant happens quickly and it allows you to win almost immediately. The bingo with 30 balls is played with only 30 numbers on a grid of nine boxes. Play it, you simply need to check the numbers on your grid. It's called a "Full House".

75 ball bingo

The 75 ball bingo is the most represented and the most played version in virtual casinos. Also, this variant is the most profitable. Play it, simply fill your number rack and wait for the outgoing numbers.
Part of this variant is played with 75 balls and a classic 5 × 5 format grid. That is to say, it is composed of 5 columns and 5 lines. These 25 boxes have their own number except the empty left (JOKER Office) in the middle of the grid. This joker can be replaced by any number of the draw.

Bingo at 80 balls

The bingo at 80 balls has several similarities with the bingo at 75 balls. However, this game offers some elements that differentiate this variant from other games of Bingo online.
First, the bingo with 80 balls is played on a "Shutter Board" of 16 boxes. Each cardboard consists of 4 columns and 4 lines listed and colored. There are 4 colors in this game. Generally they are primary colors - yellow, red, green, blue. The numbers are divided into 4 groups: 1-20, 21-40, 41-59 and 60-80.
During the cheek, a player can perform a "80 Full Card. That is to say all 80 numbers on its grid. It can also check a single horizontal or vertical line. Or check the internal square or fill the four corners that make up the card. In short, the game offers several models and winning combinations.

90-ball bingo

The 90-ball bingo is the most different variant at all variants mentioned on this page. However, the differences are not very pronounced and the goal of the game remains identical to other versions.

It is played on a grid of 27 boxes that is composed of 3 lines and 9 columns. The grid offers only 15 boxes listed. The others remain empty but they can not act as a Joker unlike the bingo at 75 balls.

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