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Terrestrial casino: 10 casinos in Australia Visit

Is you already visited a Terrestrial casino ? In Australia only, there are more than 200 terrestrial casinos in different cities among which to consider. However, this number can change at any time and it often changes because of the frequent opening and closing of the institutions. But the interest of the Australian for betting games is not the cause of this fluctuation. It is the strict legislation of Australia that prevents the establishment of casinos and slows the most motivated enthusiasm. For example, to exploit the industry, you must establish your casino in a seaside and climate resort.


The Monte Carlo Casino is one of the most popular and exclusive casinos around the world. The property is currently located in Monaco, which is today an independent state. The Monte Carlo Casino is a beautiful building richly decorated with the Principality of Monaco, which is also the main attraction of the Monte Carlo district. This is something you need to see while you are in Monaco. If you like to play, you can also play of course. You can however visit the casino even if you do not want to play.


The Earth Casino of Enghien-les-Bains is located on the edge of Lake Enghien near the thermal baths. This casino is the only establishment of betting games in the Île de Australia region. If you like slot machines, table games and "poker" strategy king you will find all these games on this luxury casino. The Enghien-les-Bains casino turned over the years into a real favorite destination for holidaymakers. With the presence of the spa, a bright theater, 2 4-star hotels and a number of restaurant bars, you will definitely visit this casino when you visit the city.

Casino de Toulouse

The Toulouse Casino-Theater is a real leisure complex that includes play as well as several cultural activities. The large 3-level building includes a 1200-seat theater, a casino of the Lucien Barrier Group, 3 bars and 3 restaurants. You can play more than 300 slot machines, 18 table games and poker games and e-roulette.


The Deauville Casino is the ultimate symbol of prestige and luxury. This amazing establishment, including breathtaking architecture, is in the heart of Deauville's seaside resort. There are 3 different video game rooms among which you will find a VIP room, another dedicates to video poker games and the latest with different slots. You can also find varied table games, including craps, blackjack, roulette ball and others.

Lyon Green

The Green Casino Lyon is the small prodigy of the Partouche group which is located at the gates of Lyon. This terrestrial casino is a leisure facility that includes a 5-star hotel, restaurant bars and a spa. The games room has more than 300 slot machines accepting barely 1 cents up to 5 €. You can also play other traditional casino games from 20:00 evening. Whatever you prefer, the Lyon Green Casino is a obligatory passage of Lyon.


Located in the heart of Amnéville Thermal Park, Seven Casino is a real complex with theaters, a luxury hotel and exclusive bars and restaurants. If you are in the region of Lorraine, you must go through this casino that is classified at the second position of casinos in Australia the most visited. In terms of area, Seven Casino d'Amnéville is considered one of the greatest. In this casino you will find more than 350 slot machines, poker tables and different classic and modern table games.

Aix en Provence

The Partouche Casino of Aix en Provence is a casino not to be missed! This casino is 3th Largest betting set in Australia. It comprises at least 300 slot machines, 13 table games as well as 8 poker tables on which you can try your luck in the hope of gaining big sums. And if you feel particularly lucky, participate in the Megapot, the "Creator of Millionaires" who joins more than 200 slots in Australia between them. With five restaurants including food with flavors in the world, an eclectic programming and an impressive casino game room, you must surely visit this casino located in Bouches-du-Rhône.

Ruhl de Nice

Located at the end of the famous English promenade, the Ruhl Barrier Casino of Nice is a real gem. Some visitors to this establishment have nicknamed the Las Vegas de Nice because of its worthy decoray. The games room includes more than 300 slot machines, poker rooms and also different table games such as blackjack and roulette. You can also visit the hotel "Mercure de Nice" for a luxury stay.


The Pasino St Amand The waters is an establishment owned by the Group Partouche, located in a charming spa town in the north of Australia. This casino includes 300 slot machines, table games and Poker Games Hold'em. You can have a good evening in one of 3 restaurants with varied flavors, including oriental, Japanese and Italian. There are also different shows that you can watch.

Lille Casino

This game facility belongs to the barrier group and is located in Euralille. This terrestrial casino includes 300 slot machines, which choose with the requirements of accessible bets ranging from 0.01 € to 5 €. For those who prefer table games, you will be happy to know that there is a selection of exciting table games. With a theater with exciting programming, a hotel and restaurants, the Lille Barrier Casino certainly worth time.

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