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Craps Strategy

We do our best to offer you only the best Craps Strategy Used by professional players. Being on this page, it means you already know how to play craps. But maybe you do not win as many times as you want. Do not worry anymore. Certainly, all will not guarantee 100% earnings but they represent a first step in the victory survey at this exciting dice game.

Learn as much as you want and start winning in the Games institutions for money online !

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Decrease the advantage of the house

It should be known that there is no trick or betting system that will help you reduce the advantage of the house when you play craps. However, a system can allow you to win for a short time. In addition, some bets offers a lower house benefit than others. They are the most recommended bets if you want to increase your chances of succeeding. These are the settings, does not pass, Come Bet and Don't Come Bet.

Another thing you need to know before playing Craps is to check the payments table for a particular game. Also, you must compare casino rates to know which do not offer the betting boundaries very elevated on its games. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of the casino more lowered than others.

Play Free Odds / Odds Bets

Free Odds are additional bets that are added to the standards. On line craps, the advantage of increasing its bets is what this fact can allow the player to equalize his gains. Indeed, when you make a free ODD, the advantage of the house reduces immediately. For example, a pass bet decreases your gains of 1.41%. By increasing the same bet, the advantage of the house becomes only 0.80%. Whenever you can make this bet, we advise you to do it because it is the best method of decreasing the advantage of the house.

Puts to avoid

Some bets are very profitable but they offer an advantage of the house too high. They are sometimes named the "Sucker Bets" for this reason.
Here is a list of plays to craps and their advantages of the house:
• Makes on 6 and 8: 9.09%
• Fields bets : 5.56%
• Les Hardways : 10%
• Makements on 'Any 7': 8.33% - 16.67%
• Les 'Any Craps': 11.11%
• Makes on 'Any 2 & 12': 5.56%

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