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Origin of poker

What is the origin of poker? From what year do we play in poker? Where does this exciting card game come from? Maybe these questions you cross the minds of times. Read this article and discover the story of your favorite casino game!

Poker with 4 corners of the world

THE REAL ORIGINS OF poker is subject to debate. There are old games, resembling poker, which come from 4 corners of the world in extremely distinct areas. It is therefore difficult to trace its exact origins but we can try to understand how are we arrive at today's poker variants.

In 1830, Jonathan H. Green published a book entitled " An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling Where he described poker. This game was played on boats traveling on the Mississipi River in America. Some believe that poker nowadays (the American version) draws its origins to "As Nas", an Iranian game that has been introduced in the United States by Australian sailors.

We placed below a chronological frieze to illuminate a little where this game comes.

The chronological frieze in poker history

  • Xth century: Emperor Mu Tsung of the China Invent a game of dominoes that make some cards think
  • 600 years later: appearance of a game that looks like poker in Inside - Ganijifa
  • Unknown date: A game that holds the vocabulary with the similarities to the poker appears in England. The Bragg was also played by combining identical cards.
  • XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries: AS NAS, a game of 25 cards, appears in Persia (ancient Iran). The game was based only on chance and the bluff without option to shoot.
  • Unknown date: Pochspiel, a game of Handy, appears in Germany or players can pass or open.
  • XVIIIth century: lrelan et validara Apparaît en 5 coupour Éces (cough pique, pique, pique in inventée, pique.

The XIXth Century in America

  • 1822: First casino is open in the United States (in New Orleans) but poker is prohibited.
  • 1829: Poker is played in the boats in Mississippi, and the game attracted many travelers.
  • The 1830s : The popularity of the game increased and during at the time, at least 1500 professional poker players played in these boats.
  • 1837: Appearance of the 52 cards to give the opportunity to play more than 4 people.
  • 1849: Poker appears in the far-west due to gold researchers.
  • 1865 : Introduction of the action of the draw
  • The 1870s: Birth of modern poker after the soldiers invent the 5-Card-Stud Poker.

From now on, poker has evolved a lot and become the game we know today with all its variants, additional actions, and global tournaments.

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